Summer Sunday at San Pedro

Country Life in Spain

Cala de San Pedro this morning Cala de San Pedro this morning Sunday is the busiest day for the beaches of the Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata when holiday makers are supplemented by day visitors from the towns inland. San Pedro is a good option for avoiding the crowds.
Keeping fit on the beach Keeping fit on the beach Access to this idyllic cove is by boat or an hour long walk in the heat over the cliffs from Las Negras and, although the water taxis bought visitors from Las Negras and yachts moored in the bay, we encountered very few walkers when we set out this morning.
At the water's edge, San Pedro At the water’s edge, San Pedro The sea was calm and clear, perfect for swimming and the best conditions so far this year.
Sunshades Sunshades We think these photos capture the atmosphere.

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River Stour Event – Sunday 29th June

Inspiring news about the nevi-stating affect on our rivers but especially the River Stour as it my local river. I will lend a hand if I can help.

Transition Stourbridge

IMG_8334Next River Stour clean-up event

Date: Sunday 29th June, 10.15 for 10.30

Place: Richardson Drive ( Off Wollaston Road), Stourbridge

Directions: Take Harrop way off Richardson Drive. Parking needs to be sensitive as it’s a residential area.

There is some nasty rubbish in the river around the small bridge there and a great deal of Himalayan Balsam which needs to be pulled out (for those who don’t want to get into the river).If you have some favourite gloves please bring them or we can provide.

Himalayan Balsam is an invasive species which is taking over and ousting our native plants (though it’s true the bees do like it.) This is a good time to remove it.

We hope to get back under the bridge at some point before too long to finish the job with the help of ‘The Warrior’!

I understand that the Council may have given the green light…

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Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados

I’ve been visiting the Cabo de Gata natural park for the last 25 years. Digby Merry first introduced us in Las Negras….👍😃


Country Life in Spain

Vivir es Fácil Vivir es Fácil
This charming film which won six Goyas last year has just been released on DVD. Vivir es Fácil was filmed in Almeria, mostly around the old fishermen’s and salt worker’s cottages close to La Iglesia de las Salinas near the Faro de Cabo de Gata.

La Iglesia de Las Salinas La Iglesia de Las Salinas The story, set in 1966, is about a Spanish schoolteacher who uses the lyrics of Beatles songs to teach his students English. When he hears that John Lennon is filming in Almeria he sets off on a mission to meet him and on his way picks up two companions. A boy of 16 and a young woman of 21. We will not divulge more but the filming and recreation of the period is excellent.

Cottages by the salt flats Cottages by the salt flats The cottages above were the hotel rooms where they stayed.

The bar in the film The bar in the film This old building…

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