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Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

IMG_6851I had no idea what was possible inside of me until I got naked inside and out. Today, as I shut the door at the office and worked clothes free, I saw my calm, creativity, efficiency and boldness come into full expression. I got through so many projects that had been on the back burner of the department. I created things from scratch. I made all kinds of updates. I came up with solutions when things didn’t make any sense.

I had no idea how smart I was, how sharp I was, how quick and creative I could be until I took my clothes off, took my worries and self-concern off, took my doubts off, and flowed freely like a rushing wave. Today I expressed my true sign, water, a bold ocean flooding the desert spaces in the office. I saw things come to life through my clothes free service.

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River Clean-up Event – Sunday 31st May

Transition Stourbridge

IMG_5987New River Clean-up date

Date: Sunday 31st  May
Time: 10.15 for a 10.30 start
Where: Lion Health, Bradley Road, Stourbridge

If we are unlucky with the weather and the river is too deep to work we may go in for some Himalayan balsam bashing. I will not be able to contact you till the Friday or Saturday morning to confirm the final decision. Rosanne (

Photos from previous event

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You Tube film of river event

The You Tube film is now ready (I haven’t seen it yet) and it has been suggested that it is a link from a facebook page. My daughter Kat has offered to set this up for me and help with it but in the long…

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Review of clothing optional event at museum art exhibit

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Live nudes

“Who is the one on display here, anyway?” The thought crosses my mind as quickly as goose bumps peak from my skin, contrasting the texture of the silky photograph in question and Margaret’s unwavering confidence that seems cemented in the portrait.

The downtown Kitchener, multi-room gallery houses over 100 never-shown-together pieces from the Canadian Art Bank and is curated by Virginia Eichhorn. The works, categorized broadly as “nude, naked or unclothed,” include everything from waist-high, wooden wangs to realist, oil paintings, cherubic figures and abstract renderings of the human form.

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