The long way to Las Hortichuelas

Country Life in Spain

The ruin with two old olive trees The ruin with two old olive trees

Yesterday we took full advantage of perfect hiking weather and made a long circular walk from Las Negras through El Valle De Rodalquilar, up the rambla to Las Hortichuelas and back home down the Rambla Aires de Las Negras. Leaving Las Negras we turned left up the track to the converted windmill and these ruins with two old olive trees.

Ruins of an old cemetery Ruins of an old cemetery

The track forks here. Bear left and you end up in El Valle and the main camino to El Playazo. We took the right fork along a path that leads down past an abandoned cemetery. The track reaches the main road to Rodalquilar, which we crossed, and headed across the valley.

Fascinating geology Fascinating geology

We walked past a small, white cortijo and through this little barranco with these striking rock formations.

A noria in El Valle de Rodalquilar A noria in El Valle de Rodalquilar


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Creating a society fit for ambitious reforms

“It’s a whether our society puts people in a place of dignity and served them or whether you hand your money over to gamblers who don’t create any wealth at all”~ Tony Benn

1). Fall in living standards and a low minimum wage and as a direct result this means that Tesco/Sainsburys pay low wages to its staff in affect, “socialism for rich”;

• 22% reduction in living wage;
• 1 million in food banks in 2014 even though in work/employment.

2). Raise the apprentice wage from £2:31 to stimulate the economy and bring in more jobs to local businesses;

“Working in intense collaboration with leaders across education, business, science and public services, it needs to facilitate innovation by promoting higher rates of business and export growth. It needs to mobilise the huge, underexploited resources of state-funded research and development, government purchasing, and England’s schools, further and higher education systems ” (Andrew Adonis 2014, Mending the fractured economy, Smarter State: Better Jobs)

3). Rent Controls to control the rents, put empty houses under local authority rule;

4). 50% tax for the rich stimulating the economy, 10% increase from 40% which it stands;

5). National instulation schemes stimulating green growth creating green jobs for the future;

– Energy Bill Revolution –
We are facing an energy bill crisis, with millions of people struggling to heat their homes.

We are calling for :
Home energy efficiency to be made a UK national infrastructure priority.
2 million UK low income homes given grants to make their homes highly energy efficient (EPC Band C) by 2020, with all 6 million homes brought up to this standard by 2025.
Carbon tax revenue used to provide long term funding for the programme.
0% loans for energy efficiency measures for the able to pay.
This programme would create the world’s most ambitious home energy efficiency programme, slashing energy bills and carbon emissions, creating over 100,000 jobs and helping end the fuel poverty crisis once and for all.
6). Nationalise the banks – E.g regional investments banks. Letting people have democratic control of the banks.
i). 85% small business controlled by 4 banks. Create the need for the competition of markets authorities to create 2 sizeable banks to challenge the banks.

i). To ensure that our NHS stays in public ownership and is equally resourced by
– ensuring the tobacco industries pay for the NHS;
– ensuring the levy from bankers bonuses are fed back into the economy resourcing the NHS adequately;
– ensuring the mansion tax helps to fund the NHS so recourses can be put at the forefront.

ii). To repel the awful NHS bill that affects front line services.


i). Adrian Beecroft has donated £537,076 to the Tories since 2006 to radical change NHS reforms and unveil a radical pro-market shakeup.

ii). In Nov 2009, Andrew Lansley – Former Health Secretary, received a £21,000 donation from John Nash, the former chairman of Care UK.

iii). Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary, received £32,920 from hedge fund baron Andrew Law, a major investor in healthcare firms.

8). To stay in the European Union to save jobs

This ambitious plan for re-building has proven very successful as shown in South America. For example in Hugo Chavez last reign as an influential leader he showed outstanding courage in order to enable democracy.

Since becoming President, Chavez’s record has been outstanding as he led a mass movement of neighbourhood committees that revived Venezuelan democracy:

– The organization of a total of 17 elections and referenda with voter registration drives that have led to 6,000 more polling stations than before his Presidency;
– Bringing the oil companies under people’s control;
– Reducing poverty by 44%;
– Cutting infant mortality by half.
6 million children now receive free meals every day;
– Reducing food imports into Venezuela by 60%;
– Bringing free education from nursery care to university. Venezuela is now ranked 5th in the world in terms of the percentage of the population which are university students;
– Near universal health care system.
Building 350,000 houses since 2011 to pull the poorest out of the barrios or slums.